Jeffrey Carver – Eternity’s End Review [REVIEW] [SCi-Fi]


Eternity’s End is a Space Opera Sci-Fi book written by Jeffrey Carver. It’s part of Carver’s Star Rigger universe but it’s a standalone book in the sense that you don’t have to be familiar with any of the other books in the Star-rigger series to follow the plot. Eternity’s End is set in a fictional universe, wherein humans can perform interstellar travel through ‘rigging’. Rigging is heavily influenced by actual marine travel, so be prepared to find a lot of marine analogies. To rig, one must clear their head, and control their emotions. The main character, Legroeder, is shown to be a fine rigger, and this influences the trajectory the story takes. Marine analogies, permeate the entire story. In fact one of the alien species that the main character gets to interact with is a marine species (the Narseil).

The writing style in Eternity’s End is rather pedestrian. Some may class it into the young adult category. However, there are quite a number of sexual scenes in the book that are perhaps too explicit for a younger crowd. For the most part the story is told through Legroeder’s POV. Occasionally the supporting characters get a chance to shine but for the most part it’s a mostly Legroeder show. Adults reading the book may be dismayed by the split personality that Legroeder showcases. At times he’s immaturity is manifest, whereas in others he displays great sensitivity and maturity. Eternity’s End is an ambitious piece of work. Comparing it to a well known series, it is perhaps most similar to Star Wars, in the sense that it is grand in scope and incorporates a lot of drama and romance, in a environment that’s primarily set in space.

I’ll be honest. I did not like this book at all. It was very difficult to read. Usually I can plow through a book of this size within a week, but for this particular one it took me almost a month. The story was boring, predictable and the main character Legroeder was insufferable. The only reason I finished Eternity’s End is because I hate, hate, HATE not finishing a book once I’ve already started reading it. 10 pages in to reading this book I knew I didn’t like it. I probably should’ve listened to my instincts. Anyways, that’s my $0.02. Maybe your experience might be different!



2 Narseil Pools out of 5


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